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The Future of The Saturday Night Slasher?

The Future of The Saturday Night Slasher? published on No Comments on The Future of The Saturday Night Slasher?

It’s been a while…

As I sit down to write this post I realize it has been almost a month since our last post, update, or webcomic. If you are a regular here let me apologize for the lack of content lately. I truly appreciate anyone who has given out little horror webcomic a read. Seriously, thank you. It means the world to me. I’m also sorry that we have been gone for so long. (If this is your first time visiting The Saturday Night Slasher let me say welcome! We have almost 30 pages of story posted. We hope you like it.) By now though you’ve probably read the title of this post and realized that there is more than just a temporary absence at play here. The truth of the matter is that the future of The Saturday Night Slasher is a little foggy at best right now. First though, a little history and an explanation of what brought us to here.

A little over a year ago we posted the first eight pages of The Saturday Night Slasher here on the website. Since then we have tried to post a new page every week. Initially that seemed simple enough to us. It’s almost funny how quickly we found out that it was much easier said than done to deliver on that schedule. After fighting the good fight for a few months we ended up having to take breaks during the run. One of those breaks was for two weeks where I was out of the country. When I returned however I decided that we would publish the webcomic every other week and on the off weeks have some fun content such as a prose story or silly fake ads to entertain our readers. It seemed like a good plan.

Then this past October happened.

I won’t bore you with details but basically my personal and professional life imploded. If October was a horror movie it would have been “Return of the Living Dead” – Even if I escaped the Tarman, survived the nude zombified Linea Quigley, and managed to not breath in the Trioxin, I was still going to be obliterated by the bomb that was dropped at the end of the movie. That was my October in a nutshell. To say the webcomic suffered because of it would be an understatement. And if I’m telling the truth I haven’t finished inking what was supposed to be the next page of the story that should have been posted a month ago. It is November now though so I have that going for me I guess. Although I suppose you could say November so far has been a bit like a sequel to October. A carbon copy of the original but not done nearly as well yet somehow the body count is higher. Nonetheless, its not been an easy time. Returning to work on The Saturday Night Slasher has been even less so. More importantly it begs the question, when will The Saturday Night Slasher return?

Well, that’s where we need your help.

At this time it is not feasible to have the webcomic return on a weekly or even biweekly schedule. We do this comic purely as a labor of love. And when I say we I should clarify who exactly is speaking. Or rather who is writing I suppose. It is Steve, listed as S. Louis King should you check the creator credits, whose words you are reading. When you see the term “we” that refers to myself and penciler of the webcomic Ryan Kacsandy. While mentioning Ryan I want to make sure that you readers know that the break in production and complete halt of The Saturday Night Slasher was through no fault of his own. It is completely my fault and doing that has brought us to this juncture. I want to make sure none of the blame is laid at Ryan’s feet. He’s a great artist, an even better friend, and deserves to be working full time as an artist. On that subject I should make mention that Ryan doesn’t get paid for his work here. Actually, neither of us makes any money from the webcomic. Ryan collaborates and works with me for free although occasionally I do buy him a beer. Regardless of pay, or lack thereof, the good news is that he wants to continue working with me and continue The Saturday Night Slasher. That’s the good news. The bad news though is I have no idea how to proceed with a return? I can not at this time publish on a regular schedule. So, do we accumulate pages and publish them in chunks of say eight pages at a time? Do we post pages weekly for two months and then take two months off to accumulate the next eight pages and then begin the cycle again? Do we turn the site here into primarily a promotional site and post entire issues/chapters consisting of 20 – 24 pages at a time? The last one of course would require long breaks. Potentially those breaks would be six to eight months at a time. What do you readers prefer? How do you like to receive new content? Let us know. Or if you have another solution that hasn’t been discussed here please feel free to offer a suggestion. Write your answer in the comments or respond in a post over at our Facebook page which is linked on the website. Or shoot us an email at

We would love to hear from you and hopefully in a few weeks we will have a solution and a plan for the future of The Saturday Night Slasher.

And as always, thank you for reading our stuff.

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