As the year begins to wind down The Saturday Night Slasher starts to begin again. There are lots of exciting developments taking shape so we’ll just start by listing a few.

1. New pages start Saturday November 26th! As we close out 2017 we’ll be publishing the final pages of our current chapter over four consecutive Saturdays. This will take us up to right around Christmas. In 2018 we will be moving away from weekly updates to quarterly updates. Instead of weekly posts of individual pages we’ll have full chapters released on a regular quarterly basis. For now though we’ll release the upcoming last four pages in a weekly format.

2. Ryan and Steve will be at Ghengis Con in Cleveland Sunday, November 26th! Ghengis Con Cleveland is a convention with a heavy focus on the art form of comics and the craft of storytelling, as well as the small press print medium. If you’re in the area come check out all the amazing independent and small press talent. There might even be some Saturday Night Slasher comics there to buy (wink, wink).

3. As we move forward into 2018 there will be some new features here at the website. From a gallery of Ryan’s artwork for the series to a new feature covering Julie’s musical playlist, we have some really fun things planned for you. Keep an eye on this space! There’s plenty more to come!

We’ll see you Thanksgiving weekend and as always thank you for reading!